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Christmas Honor Cards to Support Triune

Christmas Honor Card Donation

Please see how to purchase cards below in the form or on our website at Honor Cards to Support Triune.

If you’d like for us to address, stamp, and mail your purchased card(s), please add an extra $1 per card.
Send an address list as well as the how you’d like the card signed to linda@triunemercy.org,
or mail your list along with the form below to P.O. Box 3844, Greenville, SC 29608.

As unknown as this year has been, we know that Christmas is coming. We look forward to celebrating Christ’s birth, especially this year. Whether you’re the type of person who likes to get their shopping done early or waits until the last minute, here’s your opportunity to give a most meaningful gift. Our 2020 Christmas honor card was created by Charles Anderson, a Triune parishioner and local artist.

“Beauty” is a painting he did several years ago and gifted it to Triune. Because our art room has been closed for most of this year, we rediscovered this hidden gem and felt that the beauty of this painting was a much-needed sign of hope.

Inside the card are these words:

A gift has been given in your honor to Triune Mercy Center.
This holiday gift will spread the joy of Jesus Christ to the homeless and hurting people Triune serves.

On the back:

Beauty by Charles Anderson

“I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” ~Anne Frank

Christmas Honor Card Form:

** (Please email your recipient name and address list to linda@triunemercy.org.)

** If you are paying online with a credit / debit card, you will be taken to the payment screen after submitting this form.